Liberal Youth Guilds (LYG)

The youth arm of IDL, established in 2004 as the district chapters of IDL. Like IDL the LYGs too are entirely comprised of volunteers. The members of LYGs are those who have participated in various education activities of the IDL. Today there LYGs island wide including Jaffna representing youth leaders.

Liberal Academy for Political Leadership (LAPL)

LAPL is the academic arm of the IDL. Established in 2009 the academy has progressed steadily successive workshops and programs. The programs of the academy is need driven and apply itself primarily to the task of strengthening centrist liberal forces in the country mainly thru provision of practical skills.


Today’s youth are deprived of getting into active politics especially at provincial and national level unless they are coming an elite family with a political background. As a consequent, today’s youth have lack of opportunities to enter into politics and lack of competencies as there is no formal and structured way of orientation to get into politics.

As a result of the existing electoral system most popular and financially well-off individuals get the opportunity to contest at elections therefore; most of opportunities are given to such individuals. Individuals with higher education and worthy exposure are discouraged to a greater extent due to this.
‘Act Liberal Politics’ is developed in this context with the main vision of developing a leadership pipeline that is more educated, competent and capable to bring about the much-needed socioeconomic changes in the future together with behavioral skills such as openness, broadminded, long term thinking and result orientation with integrity.


To orient a group of young aspiring professionals towards a political ideology based on liberalism.

To educate them with fundamentals of liberalism, free market economy, rule of law, and new enterprise creation and entrepreneurship.

To build a platform for a group of young likeminded people to discuss and debate macro level issues and possible alternative solutions in the context of liberalism based political ideology.

To form a group of alternative opinion leaders.


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