Institute for Democracy and Leadership

Who We Are


To provide a forum to facilitate informed opinion on current political, social and economic trends

To promote freedom of though

To conduct workshops, seminars, programs and likes to train youth in leadership, civic education, communication etc.

To conduct debates, forums, seminars and workshops for free exchange of ideas, dialog and discussion on matters of nation interest and importance

To recognize the need for an active contribution in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms



To create a society where democratic values are respected and courage the freedom of speech, freedom thinking, free discussion, protect and promote the free media and inculcate in the minds of the people that while democracy survives on ensuring free and fare elections, it thrives on preservation of human rights and fundamental freedoms and above all an environment within which the people will learn to be moderate and tolerant in their thinking and apply these principles in their way of life.

Our Network

Liberal Youth Guilds (LYG)

The youth arm of IDL, established in 2004 as the district chapters of IDL. Like IDL the LYGs too are entirely comprised of volunteers. The members of LYGs are those who have participated in various education activities of the IDL. Today there LYGs island wide including Jaffna representing youth leaders.

Liberal Academy for Political Leadership (LAPL)

LAPL is the academic arm of the IDL. Established in 2009 the academy has progressed steadily successive workshops and programs. The programs of the academy is need driven and apply itself primarily to the task of strengthening centrist liberal forces in the country mainly thru provision of practical skills.

Institute for Democracy and Leadership 
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